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Optimising your Google My Business Listing.

(Google local listing)

Your Google My Business listing is the most important directory your business should have online. It assists potential customers to identify and locate your business on line both from a desktop and mobile device.

With Mobile devices increasing in use, the way your customers tend to find you and the services your Business provides is more than likely be through Google maps (Google My Business Listings).

Engaging with your brand has changed and is still dramatically changing. In the past, SEO efforts would focus on your company's website, content back links etc fighting with your competitors for results on page 1.

However Google My Business local listings today are proving to be key in your potential customers finding and connecting to your business. Google map Results now dominate Page 1 results both on desktops and on Mobile devices.

Especially on a mobile device when a user searches on Google, Google search takes into account their current location. It then delivers results pulled from your Local Business listing pages – Google Plus – Google My Business. If your information is not up to date or accurate or worse not verified or not even having one at all - you risk not being found by your potential customers.



You Don't Have to Worry. Google has made many changes that even the experts are finding it hard to keep up.

My Business Plus can take care of that for you. We take away the confusion and frustration and explain exactly what your encumbered SEO Company is really doing with your online engagement. We are NOT an SEO company; We show you how to take advantage of this FREE listing which you can initially claim and setup yourself. In recent years many Businesses have been caught out by SEO Company's practices that have profited by making false promises and this also includes Google My Business/Places.

We provide you a plan and consultation on how to better rank on search engines, how to engage with Google Plus, Face Book and other platforms to better promote your brand and Business. Most of this is through a one time fee.


MORE than 80% of Australian Internet Consumers research online and BUY Locally. This is also a growing trend. Get on Google Maps and have give your Business the best opportunity to appear on Google's Page 1 Results for FREE

My Business Plus produces detailed reports to ascertain your starting point and form the foundation of what is required to get your business the best opportunity to rank on Google My Business, Maps.

With many ranking factors to consider citations (A Citation is the Mention of Your Name, Address Phone Number across the internet data eco system) play an important part in how Google verifies your information. My Business Plus helps you better understand where and how accurate the mention of your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is across the Internet data eco system.

Before My Business Plus Optimisation



After My Business Plus Optimisation